Free From The Fridge

New GoGo squeeZ® YogurtZ is a scrumptious yogurt snack that doesn’t need refrigeration*!

real, real good

As a scrumptious, smooth and creamy yogurt, the team behind GoGo squeeZ® YogurtZ has focused on delivering a yogurt product, without any preservatives**, that is source of calcium and vitamin D(1). And perhaps most importantly, it can go wherever you go!

We say ‘no’ so you can say ‘yes’

GoGo squeeZ® is School Compliant(2). As a gluten free product, we say no, so you can say yes. Kids (and adults!) over three years old can independently enjoy GoGo squeeZ® YogurtZ wherever they go. We are udder-ly delighted for children under three to enjoy GoGo squeeZ® YogurtZ and its playful, blue heli-cap (while supervised).

*Before opening storage at room temperature (**) (preferably <30°C). After opening, storage in the fridge at +4°C and consume within 24 hours.
**A simple pasteurisation makes it possible to preserve the pouches at ambient temperature* without addition of preservatives.
(1) Calcium and vitamin D are needed for normal growth and development of bones in children as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
(2) GoGo squeeZ® meets the standards for fruit snack in schools in England, Scotland and Wales at the date of manufacture.