Fruit Snacks


Our signature original apple puree, made with 100% real fruit.

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Apple Mango

Your kids’ taste buds will do the tango for delicious Apple Mango!

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Apple Strawberry

Jammed packed with apples, strawberries and yumminess!

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Apple Peach

You'll fall in love with this sweet and tangy snack.

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Apple Berries

Loaded with apples, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries!

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Yogurt Snacks

Yogurt Snack

Strawberry yumminess! With real yogurt and fruit.

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Yogurt Snack

Blueberry brilliance with real yogurt and fruit.

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*Before opening storage at room temperature (**) (preferably <30°C). After opening, storage in the fridge at +4°C and consume within 24 hours.
**A simple pasteurisation makes it possible to preserve the pouches at ambient temperature without addition of preservatives