Fruit Snacks

It’s Berry, Berry Good!

Loaded with yummy apples, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, GoGo squeeZ go wherever your kids go. They’re a healthy fruit snack for kids' taste buds, made from 100% fruit and packed with nutritious goodness.

Pack Sizes Available:

What's in the Pouch

Goodness to the Core

Nutritional Information

GoGo squeeZ Apple Berries Fruit Snack
1 pouch per serving, 90g per pouch

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Energy: 255kj 284kj 
Calories: 60kcal 67kcal 
Fat: < 0.5g 0.5g 
of which saturates: 0.1g 0.1g 
Carbohydrate: 12g 14g 
of which sugars: 11g 12g 
Dietary Fibre: 1.6g 1.8g 
Protein: < 0.5g 0.5g 
Salt: < 0.01g < 0.01g